Current LCSWCD Board Members

Licking Soil & Water 2017 Board Members


Megan Evans - Chair
Megan Evans is the Grants Administrator for the Licking County Foundation, holds a B.A. in Biology from Ohio Wesleyan University and resides in Newark.  Megan would like to help identify funding streams for Licking Soil & Water and increase awareness about services offered to the community.  She would also like to increase awareness about protecting water resources and what residents and businesses can do to help.



Mike Birkmeyer - Vice Chair
Mike Birkmeyer resides in Granville Township and is an Independent Insurance Agent  at Madison- Collins-Stephen’s Agency.  He has B.S. in Business Administration and holds leadership roles in the Licking County Chamber of Commerce and Granville Kiwanis, as well as being a member of Newark Heath Rotary and the Downtown Newark Association.  Mike would like to see an increase in public awareness of Licking Soil & Water by continuing strong education and outreach programs and by building partnerships within the community.   He would also like to help secure sustainable funding for the organization.


Jeffrey Baker -Secretary/Treasurer
Jeffrey Baker is a resident of Newark and is Science Teacher at Alpha School, a program to rehabilitate students involved with Perry County Juvenile Court.  He holds a BA in Biology from Denison University, a BS in Marketing from Liberty University, an MA in Business Management from Regent University, and an MAT in Biology from Miami University.  Jeff would like to see increased community awareness about water pollution issues and increased public support of Licking Soil & Water.


Mamie Hollenback - Fiscal Agent
Mamie Hollenback is a selfemployed chicken farmer from Washington Township.  As 2010 Cooperator of the Year, the Hollenback’s conservation projects on the farm include grass waterways, cover crops, drainage projects, as well as being enrolled in USDA conservation programs, CRP and CSP.  Mamie sees opportunities to increase education to the agricultural community about manure management and how to secure funding for USDA programs like CRP.  


Fred Ernest - Board Member
Fred Ernest is a resident of Mary Ann Township and is the Executive Director of the Newark Community Improvement Corp.  He holds a B.S. Business Management.  Fred would like to see a consistent funding stream and sustainability for Licking Soil & Water, along with increased community awareness about how to protect water resources.



Licking Soil & Water 2016-17 Associate Board Members

Terry Van Offeren is retired from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Mineral Resources Management and currently works for Rural Action, a non-profit community development organization based in Athens.  He resides in Granville.  Van Offeren holds a B.S. in Environmental Geography from Ohio University.  He looks forward to sharing insights while also learning more about the role Soil & Water plays in local urban and agricultural communities.


Jeff Bates is a Professor and Program Coordinator of the Environmental Science, Safety & Health Department at Columbus State Community College.  He is a resident of Johnstown.  He holds a Ph.D. Geological Science from The Ohio State University, an M.S. in Geology from Bowling Green State University, and a B.A. in Geology from the State University of New York at Buffalo.  His areas of interest include water quality, soil management and agriculture.


Matt Hazelton is an Assistant Principal at Newark High School.  He resides north of Newark.  He holds an M. Ed. in Education Administration and B.A. in Biology.  Groundwater and conservation education are special interests of his.