Credits 4 Conservation

Credits Support Conservation

Interested in improving water quality and supporting your Soil & Water Conservation District’s work? Consider purchasing Conservation Credits.

Just like any other water quality credit, Conservation Credits are quantified, verified representations of pollution reduction.  Licking Soil & Water, in partnership with the Muskingum Watershed Joint Board offers credits that represent reductions in phosphorus, nitrogen and sediment pollution into our watershed. Conservation farmers earned the credits by planting cover crops after corn and soybeans. Using cover crops to protect soil after harvest reduces polluted runoff and has many additional ecosystem benefits.

Businesses typically purchase credits for one or more of the following reasons:
  • To advance corporate sustainability goals through the purchase of quantifiable nutrient reductions
  • To support efforts that improve ecosystem health
  • To support local, on-the-ground conservation efforts in the communities where you do business
  • To help farmers and other landowners protect our shared natural resources
Learn more about this innovative program at or contact Denise Natoli Brooks,, 740-670-5330.