Ohio to hold pesticide collection days

August 10, 2016

August 9, 2016 By Andrew Flinn, Brownfield Ag. News

Farm pesticides that have outlived their usefulness can be dangerous. The Ohio Department of Agriculture will be accepting outdated pesticides from farmers this month. The department’s Matt Beal says proper disposal of pesticides is essential to prevent environmental issues down the line.

“Much like the household hazardous waste day, it’s the same concept. You don’t want someone pouring something down the drain just because they don’t realize it’ll be a problem and it’ll turn up being a problem later” says Beal.

Beal says the collection days are held in conjunction with the U.S. EPA. Farmers can drop off their pesticides at designated locations in the care of licensed carriers only during the specified dates.

All pesticides are eventually incinerated in licensed facilities. Beal says the service is free to any farmer – in any state – who wants to dispose of recognized pesticides.

“Even products that could be used today, some of them if they’re not properly taken care of and are stored properly, they might have frozen and are of no value at this point in time. So it’s not just any one particular thing.” says Beal.

Farmers outside of Ohio can contact their state Department of Ag or EPA office for information about pesticide collections in their own states.

The collection days and locations in Ohio are as follows;

Hardin County              August 22nd

Guernsey County        August 23rd

Miami County               August 24th

Huron County              August 31st

Farmers can call 614-728-6987 for more information.

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