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Great Plains 706 No-Till Drill

Great Plains 706 No-Till Drill

This drill is available for $12.00 per acre with a five-acre minimum.
A minimum charge of $60.00 deposit (subtracted off total)

At time of pick up, complete and sign rental agreement, pay deposit with cash or check, and provide proof of insurance for the vehicle towing the drill. For transport, drills require a full-size pickup truck with heavy-duty hitch and a 3/4-inch or 15/16-inch straight-pin for transport.

Use - Warm season grasses such as switch, bluestem and gamma grasses. Cool season grasses for hay such as clover, timothy, orchard grasses and alfalfa. Small grains such as soybeans, wheat, and oats.
Width - 7 feet
Total Width - 9 feet 10 inches
Row Spacing - 7.5 inches
Number of Openers - 10
Planting Depth Range - 0 to 3.5 inches
Empty Weight - 3,900 lbs.
Length - 13 feet 10 inches
Height - 7.0 feet
Grain Box Capacity - bushel
Grass Seed Box Capacity - 2.5 bushel

Transport Requirements: 3/4-ton pickup truck with heavy-duty hitch and a 3/4' or 15/16" straight pin for transport.

Operation Requirements: Minimum 55-horsepower tractor with hydraulic system for field operations.

NOTES: Warm season grasses are the priority for renting this drill. This drill is not for planting corn.