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Cover Crop Aerial Planting Sign Up Deadline is August 15

NOTE: Monday, August 15 is the deadline to sign up for aerial application of cover crops.

Licking County Soil & Water Conservation District is offering a cover crop aerial planting opportunity.

Aerial application is an option for establishing a cover crop after soybeans. Using an airplane to fly on cover crop seed, before soybeans are harvested, gives the seed time to germinate and establish itself while the soybeans dry in the field.

Long-term use of cover crops can increase yields and reduce fertilizer inputs.

“Cover crops are great because they reduce soil erosion, hold nutrients and put more organic matter into the soil,” said Dave Felumlee, a Madison Township farmer and user of cover crops.

Cover crops also help address soil needs such as fixing nitrogen, reducing compaction and managing soil moisture.

Chodd Armfelt, Agricultural Conservation Specialist with Licking Soil & Water, said “Licking Soil & Water plans to buy bulk seed and pass the savings on to producers. Producers do not have to be enrolled in a cover crop cost share program to participate in aerial planting.”

Producers should contact Armfelt at 740-670-5330, for pricing and details.

Licking Soil & Water promotes conservation of natural resources through local leadership, education and technical assistance.