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Turning Cover Crops into Credits

The Muskingum Watershed Joint Board is dedicated to developing collaborative solutions to complex conservation problems. Their efforts ensure the health and sustainability of the Muskingum River Watershed. On-the-ground implementation of conservation programs conducted by local soil and water conservation districts are a critical aspect of solving these complex conservation problems.

Licking Soil & Water partnered with the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District to offer an ongoing cost share on cover crops. In 2016, the cost share program allowed 14 Licking County landowners to implement cover crop conservation practices on 1,317 acres. This conservation practice kept the following nutrients on the land and out of our waterways:
• 1,627 tons of sediment
• 1,748 pounds of phosphorus
• 3,493 pounds of nitrogen

The water pollution reduction is translated into Stewardship Credits. This innovative work focuses on developing and supporting solutions that enhance the resilience of our watershed, both in natural ecosystems and in the communities that depend on them. That work depends on contributions from a diverse coalition of partners including land and water managers, business, government, agriculture, and science.

Help support our work in Licking County by purchasing Stewardship Credits. Learn more at or Denise Natoli Brooks at, 740-670-5330.