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2021 Fall Fish Sale

Many pond owners want to stock a wide variety of fish species in their ponds, usually because they've enjoyed catching these species in Lake Erie, the Ohio River, or from Ohio's numerous reservoirs. 

Soil & Water has partnered with Fender's Fish Hatchery to offer a fall fish sale. 

Order forms are due by October 5th with payment. 

Fish pick up: Saturday, October 12th from 8am – 10:30am

Location: Licking County Soil & Water Conservation District 771 E Main Street Newark, OH 43050

Pick up information: 
•  Bring a 10–20 gallon garbage can or 5 gallon bucket
•  Line container with non-deodorized plastic liner
•  Fill half full of your own pond water
Approx. 10 gallons of water holds 100 fingerlings. Each White Amur and Koi requires 2 gallons of water and must be placed in a container with a lid or a liner that can be tied at the top. All fish guaranteed to be delivered in good condition, however, we can not guarantee survival after being picked up.

We are always promoting community-based conservation at Licking Soil & Water.  Check out our latest news.

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