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Board & Staff

Congratulations to Bill Goodman for being re-elected and Kim Byce for her first term election win!  

Each candidate provided their thoughts on why Soil & Water’s mission was meaningful and explained what they saw as the three biggest natural resource challenges facing Licking County during the next five years. 

Bill Goodman is beginning his second term on the Licking County Board of Supervisors and currently serves as a Director for the Ohio Federation of Soil & Water Conservation Districts.
Soil & Water offers assistance in many areas – land preservation, mini-grants, stormwater management, etc. – to promote conservation in this diverse county.  
Three challenges:  

1.    Logjams- Almost every creek or stream has developed logjams in the past few years.  Working on removing them will be challenging.  

2.    Cover Crops- Continue to encourage the cover crop program by offering as much cost-share as possible. 

3.    Continue to work with developers in urban settings by stressing the need for conservation in all areas of construction. 

Kim Byce lives in Granville Township and is the Homestead Coordinator at Denison University.  As a mom of three, she knows she is borrowing the earth from her children and theirs.  Licking Soil & Water empowers her and other sustainability-minded residents of the county with knowledge and resources to ensure a viable, abundant future for all. 

Three challenges: 

1.     Making Licking Soil & Water’s resources and opportunities more accessible and engaging to a larger population of county residents, homeowners, and consumers. 

2.     Finding financial incentives or other assistance to help landowners make environmentally conscious (but sometimes expensive) choices.

3.     Strengthen and publicize connections among like-minded entities and organizations to create a county-wide culture of conservation. 

The 3-year term begins on January 1, 2021. 

2020 Board Members

Board of Supervisors 

Landowners and residents of Licking County elect the governing body of Licking County Soil & Water Conservation District.  The governing body is referred to as the Board of Supervisors.  The election of Supervisors is conducted by the Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission pursuant to rules it adopts under Chapter 119 of the Revised Code.  The five publicly-elected members of the Board of Supervisors serve, unpaid, for three-year terms. 

The five Supervisors represent our county's soil conservation and water conservation needs in rural, suburban and urban settings, on farmland and in our backyards and public lands.  They voluntarily work with community members and organizations to encourage wise use of our land and water.   


  • Ron Thompson - Chair
    Ron Thompson - Chair

    Ron Thompson farms in Utica, Ohio. Mr. Thompson is a retired Agricultural Education teacher. He has been affiliated with many local community projects including as a 44-year member of the Hartford Fair Board. If elected, Ron would strive to upgrade educational programs for Licking County residents on the work of the Soil Conservation Service. He also would like to work to enhance the Muskingum and New Buckeye Lake watershed programs continuing to monitor fertilizer and nutrient run-off.

  • John Wagy - Vice Chair
    John Wagy - Vice Chair

    John Wagy operates his family’s century farm in Pataskala. In 2015, John was named Cooperator of the Year for his commitment to using best management practices including systematic drainage tile systems, grass waterways, variable rate fertilizer application, and nutrient management plans. Respect of the natural watershed is a priority for John, especially promoting the use of variable rate technology and planting cover crops.

  • Bill Goodman - Secretary/Treasurer
    Bill Goodman - Secretary/Treasurer

    Bill Goodman is a beef & blackberry farmer in McKean Township. Retired from the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Bill thinks SWCD has historically done a good job for Licking County taxpayers. Challenges he would like to work on include maintaining technical and financial assistance, addressing the need for conservation practices in highly developed areas, and promoting cost-share programs to assist farmers in pollution abatement activities.

  • Seth Dobbelaer - Fiscal Agent
    Seth Dobbelaer - Fiscal Agent

    Seth Dobbelaer farms in Newark, Ohio. He has been a participant in the Licking County River Round Up and is passionate about organic farming. Mr. Dobbelaerr has been on the Board of Directors of the United Church of Granville and the Weathervane Playhouse. He has participated as a volunteer for many community efforts. If elected, Seth would like to address storm water drainage, fertilizer and pest control runoff, and unchecked mono cropping.

  • Mamie Hollenback - Member
    Mamie Hollenback - Member

    Mamie Hollenback is a selfemployed chicken farmer from Washington Township. As 2010 Cooperator of the Year, the Hollenback’s conservation projects on the farm include grass waterways, cover crops, drainage projects, as well as being enrolled in USDA conservation programs, CRP and CSP. Mamie sees opportunities to increase education to the agricultural community about manure management and how to secure funding for USDA programs like CRP.


Through committees, work can be divided so that far more can be accomplished.  Committees typically meet on a quarterly or as-needed basis. Contact us at for additional information.    

Building/Equipment/Safety Committee - Provides recommendations for technology, equipment, rental program, fleet maintenance, building and barn maintenance, and safety policy.  

Budget Committee - This committee oversees the preparation of the annual budget, managing the organization’s investments, setting compensation packages for staff, and oversees the Annual Giving Campaign.

Program Committee - While staff carries out the day-to-day activities that result in the development and implementation of the organization’s programs, the Program Committee is charged with long-range planning and general oversight. Assists with developing and monitoring the Annual Plan of Work and Strategic Plan; volunteers for programs; represents the Soil & Water District at community events.

Policy/Personnel Committee- Reviews & recommends updates to the employee personnel policy ensuring compliance with County, State, and Federal law. Recommends updates to job descriptions and makes suggestions for the staff evaluation process.

Associate Board Members

Associate Board members are concerned citizens who officially volunteer their time to assist the Board and District.  Associate Board Members serve on board committees, help plan, promote and implement district programs, activities, field days, etc., represent the district at various meetings and events, and present district programs to individuals, groups, and organizations.  Contact us to learn more at  

  • Jeff Bates
    Jeff Bates

    Jeff Bates is a Professor and Program Coordinator of the Environmental Science, Safety & Health Department at Columbus State Community College. He is a resident of Johnstown. He holds a Ph.D. Geological Science from The Ohio State University, an M.S. in Geology from Bowling Green State University, and a B.A. in Geology from the State University of New York at Buffalo. His areas of interest include water quality, soil management and agriculture.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    Jeffrey Baker is a resident of Newark and is Science Teacher at Alpha School, a program to rehabilitate students involved with Perry County Juvenile Court. He holds a BA in Biology from Denison University, a BS in Marketing from Liberty University, an MA in Business Management from Regent University, and an MAT in Biology from Miami University. Jeff served on the Board of Supervisors for three years (2015 - 2017). He would like to see increased community awareness about water pollution issues and increased public support of Licking Soil & Water.

  • Dee Hammel

    Deanna “Dee” Hammel is retired from ODNR and resides in Johnstown, Ohio. Ms. Hammel is owner/consultant for “Discover the Best You!” Dee is affiliated and held many offices with “The Partnership of Excellence” and worked as a community volunteer. If elected, Dee would like to address educating landowners/developers on best practices of land use ensuring the wise use of all natural resources.