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Cover Crop Cost Share & Aerial Seeding Available

For Immediate Release

June 3, 2019

Contact: Dave Grum, 740-670-5330,

Cover crops help improve soil and water quality by reducing soil erosion, increasing organic matter, and capturing and recycling nutrients in the soil profile.  Additionally, cover crops can reduce fertilizer inputs and increase soil health, thus increasing profitability per acre. 

To promote the use of cover crops, Licking Soil & Water and the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) are offering a Cover Crop Cost-Share Program.  Producers within the Greater Muskingum River watershed can apply for $12-$15/acre cost-share with a cap of 200 approved acres per applicant.  The Greater Muskingum Watershed includes the Licking River and all of its tributaries and Wakatomika Creek.

Fall is typically time-consuming during harvest, and variable weather and field conditions impact field accessibility.  These two factors, time and weather, can limit the amount of cover crops that can be planted using a seed drill.  However, aerial application is an alternative method to consider.  Aerial application frees time from the producer because someone else is applying the cover crop seed.  Additionally, ground accessibility to the field (which may be limited due to mud and excessive moisture) isn’t necessary because the cover crop seed is applied from the air.  However, there is a cost associated with aerial application, and has typically been approximately $11/acre (not including seed costs).

Licking Soil & Water will coordinate aerial application if enough producers are interested in utilizing this application method.  Application and seed costs would be split among those producers who choose to use aerial application.

An application for the MWCD Cover Crop Cost-Share Program is available for pick-up at the Licking Soil & Water office, or online at  Applications are due by July 5, 2019.  Applications and fields submitted will be evaluated based on several criteria and a point value assigned.  Generally, applications achieving a high enough score will be approved. 

Contact Dave Grum at or (740) 670-5330 for more information.

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For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Denise Natoli Brooks, Licking County Soil & Water Conservation District, 740-670-5330,