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Celebrating Soil & Water's 75th Anniversary (Part 4 of 4)

21st Century Conservation

Streambank erosion is not a new issue, but in 2001 Licking Soil & Water took on a serious streambank erosion problem along the North Fork Licking River. By the spring of 2005, with nearly one million dollars in grants and community support, the St. Louisville project was complete. Licking Soil & Water still holds this conservation easement.
Conserving working lands through easements became a larger workload with the Farmland Preservation program’s launch. Licking Soil & Water helped producers place over 30 easements on more than 3,100 acres, with many more farms in process.
We continue to help landowners use conservation practices. To encourage the use of cover crops, Licking Soil & Water joined forces with Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District to offer a cost-share program starting in 2013.
With the County Commissioners support, Licking Soil & Water joined the county’s Technical Review Committee to protect land and water during development. More recently, Licking Soil & Water took on management of a collaborative stormwater permit that focuses on limiting urban pollution

The Power of Partnerships

Local leadership is a tenant of the Licking Soil & Water mission.  Multiple supervisors have served on the Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts Board including Charles Warthen and Bill Goodman.  In 2006, Licking Soil & Water partnered with the Hartford Fair and various groups to create the Natural Resources Area. Today this beautiful site provides a park-like setting to relax and enjoy free, family-friendly programing.

A few years ago, when the Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalists of Licking County were in need of a new host agency, we joined forces with the Licking Park District and The Dawes Arboretum to adopt this group of educated and dedicated naturalists.

In 2011, the City of Newark and Licking Soil & Water resurrected the River Round Up. Today it is a premier river cleanup event. The tremendous expansion is directly tied to recruiting partners and developing a robust planning committee.

Looking Forward to Another 75 Years

As our 75th birthday celebration comes to a close, we want to ensure Licking Soil & Water adds value to our community, while staying true to our mission. Our strategic plan specifically calls attention to strengthening existing partnerships and building new ones. To better serve, we will develop a communication strategy and renew our commitment to professional training for the team. We commit taking the long view, because wise use of land and water today is an investment in generations yet to come. Thank you for letting us serve you for 75 years, and here’s to another 75 years.  
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