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To celebrate Soil & Water’s 75th Anniversary, the Board established a community Conservation Mini-Grant Program in 2019. The program offers up to $1,000 to Licking County non-profits that demonstrate the need and ability to carry out on-the-ground conservation projects. In 2022, eight applications were received from non-profits, local government entities, and/or schools for local conservation projects. Just over $5,000 was distributed to all eight organizations.

Congratulations to the 2022 Conservation Mini-Grant Program Fund Recipients!

Ace of Clubs 4-H will be creating a Pollinator Pocket Park.

Utica FFA Chapter plans to purchase 5 clinometers to assist in teaching soil science in the Utica Middle/High School. These new tools will allow students to expand their knowledge of natural resources through FFA soil science competitions. The schools will also be able to grow their curriculum with new materials that will allow them to teach more in-depth soil science lessons. In the long run, this will help the schools to grow their curriculum on the conservation of natural resources and land.

Watkins Intermediate School will be creating a beautiful 4-part garden in a plot that sits in the middle of their playground. They will be creating a space for teachers and students to appreciate for years to come. The school garden will have a section dedicated to pollinators and butterflies, a section where a serviceberry tree will be planted to create a shady reading area, a section with a sunflower friendship trail, and a section for an "art in nature" area featuring students' art projects.

Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow will be installing signs in highly visible public locations to educate Licking County residents, businesses, and visitors about
initiatives aimed at improving the water quality of Buckeye Lake.

Denison University student Claire Keeley will be establishing a passive recreation and education program for children that will allow families to harvest a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting natural resources and maintaining our ecosystems.

Denison University student Colin Ravin will be working on the Denison Water Conservation Initiative by putting roughly 12 rain barrels in the 12 most water-intensive areas on campus to collect excess water that could then be used for watering gardens and green spaces.

Denison University student Alex Sket plans on working to restore the Dutch Fork Tributary to bring back more habitat to the area. He plans to create riffles to help bring back organisms to the stream. He hopes to add rocks and gravel to this particular part of the stream to create a riffle. Adding a riffle will create shallow, fast-moving water which introduces oxygen into the water and provides habitat for the aquatic macroinvertebrates organisms.

Denison University student Allison Collins will be placing bee nest boxes in the Denison University Biological Reserve to preserve and cultivate Licking County’s native angiosperms by providing support to the bees who pollinate them. Through encouragement of the growth and fitness of pollinators, this project would serve to improve the stability and the quality of soil and water in areas of Licking County.


Check out 2020 grant recipient, Licking Valley Middle School, and their rain garden project!

2023 Conservation Mini Grant Information

Our Conservation Mini-Grant program offers up to $1000 to Licking County non-profits that demonstrate the need and ability to carry out on-the-ground conservation projects. 

Who May Apply
The Mini-Grant program is open to non-profit organizations such as schools, watershed groups, local government entities, municipalities, community groups (including governing bodies and associations such as HOA's and condo associations) and civic associations.  Previously-awarded groups may not apply in consecutive years to encourage new applicants.  Please contact us prior to applying if you have any questions regarding your organization's eligibility at  

Deadline to Apply
Deadline to apply is September 29. Click here to get to the online Application.