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2020 Annual Tree Sale

The tree species we offer changes a little bit each year but we strive to offer a diverse option of hardwoods, ornamentals, and shrubs.  Learn more about the trees we offer, we suggest the ODNR - Division of Forestry website.  

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Trees are such an important part of our daily life. 

We appreciate their beauty as leaves change colors in the fall and their shade on a hot summer day.  We look forward to their buds bursting open in spring.  But trees do so much more for us every day.  They give us: 

- clean air to breathe by absorbing carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen;

- they slow down raindrops to protect our soil from eroding;

- their roots loosen the compacted soil so stormwater soaks in;

- they help us save money on energy bills, and

- they increase our property values



2020 Tree Seedling Sale ~ Ordering Deadline March 24th

Due to inventory limitations, if you are interested in ordering more than 200 seedlings of the same species, please contact Licking Soil & Water for availability.

Interested in a species not listed? Special orders must be a minimum of 100 of the same species and dependent on nursery availability.

We have partnered with six Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) to provide high quality, native tree seedlings. Customers from outside Licking County will choose which SWCD office to pick up their trees in the check-out form.

Contact us at (740) 670-5330 or