For Sale or Rent

Miss the tree sale?   We still have some trees available!

There is a limited number of tree species and sizes available.  Sold on a first come first served basis.  Visit us at the Soil & Water office, 771 East Main Street, Newark Monday - Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm to make a purchase. We only accept cash or check payments in the office. 

Find descriptions and information about the species in our last newsletter.   

Trees are available in 5, 25 or 100-count bundles.  
Species available: 

Evergreens:  White Cedar, White Pine 

Evergreen prices:  5-count = $10; 25-count = $20;  100-count = $60

Deciduous shrubs:  American Hazelnut, Black Chokeberry, Buttonbush, Red Osier Dogwood

Deciduous Small Trees:  PawPaw, Redbud 

Deciduous Large Trees:  Chinquapin Oak, Persimmon, Pin Oak, Red Oak, Black Walnut

Deciduous Prices:  5-count = $10; 25-count = $30; 100-count = $90

Conservation on the Ground - Products For Sale & Equipment For Rent

Soil & Water maintains equipment for use by landowners for a nominal fee to promote conservation tillages, nutrient management, enhance crop production, and conserve the Soil & Water resources in the county.  Click the link at left to review the equipment available and schedule your rental.