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Watershed Stakeholder Meeting

Thursday, May 19, 2022
2:30 pm3:30 pm
Alexandria Public Library - 10 Maple Dr, Alexandria, OH 43001

The South Licking Watershed Conservancy District (SLWCD) invites property owners and other interested parties within the South Fork Licking River watershed to learn about the current efforts to complete a Flood Damage Reduction Planning Study.

This study will evaluate and identify measures for channel protection and maintenance, and specific measures for flood damage reduction to protect homes, businesses and public infrastructure, including roadways. The study area is the portion of the South Fork Licking River watershed within District boundaries, which includes land within Licking, Fairfield, and Perry Counties outlined in blue on map below.

The planning study and findings will serve as the basis for updating the Official Plan for the SLWCD, which is essential to the District being able to implement improvements throughout the area.
Landowners are encouraged to provide input about what is happening on your properties and in your communities.