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Composting is the process of taking organic matter such as dead leaves, grass, and other materials and turning it into natural fertilizer. This is done by piling and layering the organic matter so that is decomposes and turns into a cohesive matter.

Since it is comprised of all organic materials, compost is full of nutrients which is great for plants! This reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers and naturally enriches soil. Not only does it benefit the soil, but it reduces waste going to landfills and therefore helps reduce methane emissions!

Compost is a great way to prevent stormwater litter, like leaves and other lawn debris, from clogging storm drains or getting into waterways. While this material is natural, it can collect in large quantities on the surface of a stream and block out necessary sunlight. 

Remember to NEVER dump grass clippings or other yard wastes into a stream! This is considered an illicit discharge. Always keep yard waste away from streambanks and instead, throw into a compost pile or bin!

Tips for Starting Your Own Compost Bin: