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Pick Up Pet Waste

Pick Up Pet Waste

Pick Up Poop (PUP)!

A common misconception about pet waste is that "it's natural and will decompose." Dogs and cats have high protein diets which makes their poop different from cows, deer, and many other animals. In fact, pet waste contains harmful pathogens in concentrations higher than human waste. If not picked up properly, their waste and its contaminants can make their way to our waterways!

It's our duty to pick up doodie!

Tips for Ensuring Proper Pet Waste Disposal

  • Always carry pet waste bags whenever you are walking your dog
  • Make sure pet waste is put into a bag and thrown into a trash can - never toss into the woods or near a body of water!
  • Pick up poop in the yard, especially before it rains
  • Locate pet waste stations at parks and other recreational areas
  • Consider installing a pet waste septic system!