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Plant a Tree

Plant a Tree

Plant a Tree

Trees are essential to Ohio's ecosystems. Not only do they provide habitat and food sources for many of our wildlife, but they also cool the Earth and take in CO2. The list of benefits that trees provide goes on and on!  Check out the Tree Benefit Calculator here.  

It's no secret that trees have vast root systems that spread deep and wide. These roots help absorb water after a rain event which prevents flooding and also helps remove pollutants. The leaves on a tree capture rainwater as it falls from the sky where it later evaporates from the leaves back into the atmosphere (evapotranspiration). 

Tips for Planting Trees

  • Plan to plant in the early spring or late fall to reduce transplant shock and need for watering
  • Always dig the hole twice as wide as the root ball and as deep as the root ball
  • Loosen any tight roots before planting
  • Leave the trunk flare exposed to ensure long-term health of the tree
  • Plant native tree species to provide habitat and food sources for wildlife
  • Follow proper mulching practices - NEVER volcano mulch!
  • Check out this planting guide for step-by-step instructions!