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Stormwater Management

Plant Native Plants

Plant Native Plants

Plant Native Plants!

Native plants are species that have been adapting to Ohio's climate for hundreds of years, making them more suitable for surviving our cold winters and dry summers. Through their evolution, they have co-evolved with the wildlife which make them a crucial source of food and habitat for birds, bees, butterflies, and many other organisms.

The root systems of native plants are considerably deeper than their non-native counterparts and thus create anchors and protect our soils from erosion during storm events. After it rains, deep roots help soak up excess water and nutrients, and therefore protect our local waterways from flooding and pollution.

Reasons to Plant Native:

  • They are more drought tolerant, hence require less water
  • They are hardier than non-native species, requiring less fertilizer
  • Native plants provide food and habitat for birds, bees, butterflies, and lots of other wildlife
  • They have deeper root systems which helps to soak up excess water and prevent erosion
  • Native plants promote cultural heritage for Ohio
  • They provide beautiful landscapes

Support Native Plants

Although they are naturally occurring throughout Ohio, native plants are hard to come by in garden centers. Help support native plant habitats by asking your local greenhouse and request they offer more native species! They more readily available these plants are, the more native plant habitats we can establish in Ohio!

Planning for Your Garden

When planning for your native plant garden, keep in mind the characteristics of your space.

  • Light conditions
  • Soil types
  • Drainage
  • Goals for your garden (attracting pollinators, privacy screening, water management, etc.)

Find out what native plants work in your garden!

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