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Reduce Water Usage

Reduce Water Usage

Reducing Water Usage is Easy!

According to the EPA, the average American family uses more than 300 gallons of water in their home every day. There are easy steps to take to reduce our water usage in our every day tasks!

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Tips for Reducing Indoor Water Usage

  • Turn off the sink while brushing your teeth and shaving
  • Take shorter showers or alternate days of showering
  • Fix all leaking appliances and pipes
  • Consider installing a water-efficient toilet
  • Only run the dishwasher and washing machine on full loads

Tips for Reducing Outdoor Water Usage

  • Plant native plants that are more drought resistant than non-native plants
  • Connect a downspout to a rain barrel and its water to water your lawn or garden
  • Mulch around trees and plants to help hold in moisture
  • Water during in the mornings rather than the hottest part of the day
  • Always check the forecast for rain¬†before watering your lawn or plants