For Sale or Rent

Equipment for Rent

  • Planting Width - 10 feet
    Total Width - 10 feet 6 inches
    Minimum requirements: 85-horsepower tractor with 2-way hydraulic system for field operations

  • Planting Width - 7 feet
    Total Width - 9 feet 10 inches
    Minimum requirements: 55-horsepower tractor with hydraulic system for field operations

  • A portable straw mulcher is available for $60.00/day. A $60.00 deposit (covers first day) is required. Townships ONLY can use the mulcher once at no charge. The straw mulcher can be used for covering bare soil to help reduce erosion.

  • Dibble bars are available for loan, but must be returned within ten (10) days. Dibble bars can be used for planting trees more efficiently than a hand shovel. Bar is 38" long. Blade is 3" wide x 10-1/4" long, 3/4" wide at top, tapering to a thin wedge.
    We also have dibble bars for sale. Select "Online Store" to check price and availability.