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The Benefits of No-Till Drills

No-till causes little disturbance to the remaining crop residue, therefore, we see little run-off and /or erosion from no-till crop fields. This is the greatest reason to use no-till. A few other reasons are less time in the field, improved soil quality and as good or better crop yields. Something else to consider is fuel savings. Did you realize it takes approximately 500 gallons of diesel fuel to plant 100 acres of corn using conventional tillage methods? Remember that in addition to every dollar saved in fuel, there is approximately another $5 to $10 per acre in additional savings in labor, machinery investment and related costs.

No-till improves soil quality or soil function, carbon, organic matter, aggregates in the soil, protects the soil from erosion, evaporation of water, and structural breakdown of the soils.  A reduction in tillage passes can also help prevent the compaction of soil.

Equipment Rental Terms 

Equipment is reserved on a first come, first serve basis. 

 At the time of pick up you will need to: 

  • Complete and sign the rental agreement,
  • Pay a deposit with cash, check, or credit card,
  • Provide proof of insurance for the vehicle towing the equipment on the road.        


  • John Deere 1590 No-Till Drill
    John Deere 1590 No-Till Drill

    Planting Use: Soybeans, grasses, legumes, and small grains such as soybeans, wheat, and oats.
    Cost: $12 per acre (meter attachment tracks acreage)
    Deposit: $60 at time of pick up
    Minimum Charge: 5 acres or $60
    Planting Width: 10 feet
    Total Width: 10.5 feet
    Row Spacing: 7.5 inches
    Planting Depth Range: 0.5 to 3.5 inches in 0.25 inch increments
    Empty Weight: 6,900 lbs.
    Loaded Weight: Approximately 9,000 lbs.
    Length: 21 feet
    Height: 7 feet
    Grain Box Capacity: 35 bushel
    Grass Seed Box Capacity: 3 bushel
    Operation Requirements: Minimum 85-horsepower tractor with a remote hydraulic system for field operations.

    Requires ¾ ton or larger pickup truck with a heavy-duty hitch and a 7/8-inch or 15/16-inch hitch pin for transport.

    NOTE: JD Drill is not for planting corn or warm season grasses

  • Great Plains 706 No-Till Drill
    Great Plains 706 No-Till Drill

    Planting use: Warm season grasses such as switch, bluestem and gamma grasses. Cool season grasses for hay such as clover, timothy, orchard grasses and alfalfa. Small grains such as soybeans, wheat, and oats.
    Cost: $12 per Acre (meter attachment tracks acreage)
    Deposit: $60 at time of pick up
    Minimum Charge: 5 acres or $60
    Width: 7 feet
    Total Width: 9 feet 10 inches
    Row Spacing: 7.5 inches
    Number of Openers: 10
    Planting Depth Range: 0 to 3.5 inches
    Empty Weight: 3,900 lbs.
    Length: 13 feet 10 inches
    Height: 7.0 feet
    Grain Box Capacity: 17.5 bushel
    Grass Seed Box Capacity: 2.5 bushel
    Native Grass Box Capacity: 7 bushel
    Operation Requirements: Minimum 55-horsepower tractor with hydraulic system for field operations.

    Requires full-size pickup truck with at least 7/8” -inch straight pin for transport.

    NOTE: Warm season grasses are the priority for renting this drill. This drill is not for planting corn.

  • Straw Mulcher
    Straw Mulcher

    Use: The straw mulcher can be used for covering bare soil to help reduce erosion.
    Cost: $60 per day
    Deposit: $60 at time of pick up
    Transporting: Requires a 1- 7/8-inch OR 2-inch ball hitch
    Discharge hose: 6-inch X 2-ft. on rotating spout.
    Additional notes: Bales must be broken and fed into the chamber in flakes.
    Baler twine must NOT enter the machine.
    The operation works best with a crew of 3 or 4.
    Generally, 1 acre requires 40 square bales

  • Planting/Dibble Bar
    Planting/Dibble Bar

    Use: Dibble bars can be used for planting trees more efficiently than a hand shovel.
    Description: Bar is 38" long. The blade is 3" wide x 10-1/4" long, 3/4" wide at top, tapering to a thin wedge.
    Rental: Available for loan for 14 days with a $95 deposit which is returned when equipment returned to Soil & Water office.
    We also have dibble bars for sale. Select "Online Store" to check price and availability.