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EnviroScape Model

EnviroScape Model

EnviroScape Model

Appropriate for Grades: 1-12

Length: 20-60 minutes

Kit Description

Using a hands-on watershed model, students learn about sources of non-point and point source pollution, and explore water pollution prevention through visual interaction. The EnviroScape helps students make connections between what we do on Earth and the impact on the environment throughout several types of landscapes. There are two different EnviroScape models available to borrow: 

  • Watershed/Nonpoint Source Model
  • Ecological Restoration in Your Watershed (Wetland Floodplains) Model

Kit Includes

  • EnviroScape Suitcase containing:
    • Plastic 3D watershed model and base
    • Small plastic city/town components¬†(houses, cars, factory, trees, etc.)
    • Small shakers/containers of "pollution"
    • EnviroScape binder
  • Bucket containing:
    • Rain cloud
    • Spray bottle
    • Towel