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Groundwater Model

Groundwater Model

Groundwater Model

Appropriate for Grades: 4-12

Learning Standards Covered: 7.ESS.1, High School: ENV.ES.4, ENV.ER.3

Program Length: 20-45 minutes

Vocabulary: groundwater, pollution, contained aquifer, uncontained aquifer, artesian well, sand, silt, clay, pore space, spring, underground storage tank, septic tank, well, aquitard, occlusive layer

Learning Objectives

  • Observe the basic concepts of groundwater flow
  • Understand different ways that humans can cause groundwater pollution
  • Understand some of the ways to prevent groundwater pollution

Program Description

Students observe a model of groundwater which demonstrates groundwater flow and pollution potential. The model is a cross-section of a soil profile, highlighting the different textures which make up our soil. A pump moves water through the model. Dye is added to the model to demonstrate water flow and to simulate various types of groundwater pollution.