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Pollinator Puppets

Pollinator Puppets

Pollinator Puppets

Appropriate for Grades: K-3

Length: 20 minutes

Kit Description

Learn about different types of pollinators like bees and butterflies. Create a finger puppet pollinator using Chenille Stems. Then use your pollinator to travel between flowers collecting pollen along the way. Limited supplies.

Kit Includes

  • Chenille Stems
  • Ziploc bag of samples (not for distribution)
  • Program Resources folder
    • How-to Instructions for Pollinator Finger Puppets
    • Master copy of coloring pages
    • Pollinator info sheets
    • USDA pollinator booklets
    • ODNR/DOW field guides
    • Butterfly life cycle explanation sheet
  • Extra Activities
    • Pollen in flower game
    • Coloring page - Anatomy of a Bee
    • NACD Educator Guides and Resources