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Appropriate for Grades: PreK - 5

Learning Standards Covered: PreK, K.LS.2, 1.LS.1, 1.LS.2, 2.LS.1, 3.LS.3, 5.LS.1

Program Length: 30 minutes - 1 hour

Vocabulary: pollinator, pollen, nectar, native, invasive, mutualism, egg, larvae, pupa, adult, life cycle, natural resources 

Learning Objectives

  • Explain broadly what a pollinator is and what they do
  • Gain an appreciation for the importance of pollinators to humans and the environment as a whole
  • Explain how we can help to protect pollinators

Program Description

Students learn about the importance of pollinators in our ecosystems and in global food production. Through a series of interactive discussions and activities, students learn what types of animals are and are not pollinators. As a group, we briefly discuss what types of things are harming our pollinators and a few things that we can do at home to help our pollinators. The program ends with a pollinator themed game.