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Welcome to the 2024 Native Plant Sale!

It's time for the 2024 Spring Native Plant Sale! Below you will find three unique kits for consideration. Each kit contains 16 native plant plugs with 4 different species. Kits are $50 and will need to be picked up from the Soil & Water Office (details to follow after purchase). 
Purchase and pay online using the catalog below. Due to the low margins on sale items, your total will include a $5 convenience fee, to cover the PayPal fees.  If you would prefer to order with cash or check, you must use the hard copy form below.  

On January 2022, the state began requiring Soil & Water to collect tax. You will be charged 7.25% through the online catalog. If you are a tax exempt organization or farm, please use the hard copy order form found below.  We do not have the ability to remove tax through the online catalog at this time.  Blank tax-exempt forms are available below as well.  

Thank you for supporting your Soil & Water District!